In my trials these past couple days being weather--bound in Washington, every discussion I've had with your folks has been very helpful. You'd have thought I was the only one out here with problems, and they truly wanted to help.    

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Performance Scorecard

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Improve traveler behavior and exceed your company goals with Travel Incorporated's proprietary GalaxyNet Performance Scorecard. Performance Scorecard is a Business Intelligence module of our analytical platform. This module will give you a simple and fast overview of major elements within your company's travel program.

The scorecard measures the following 5 key performance indicators (KPIs) and calculates a company grade based upon your company goals.

  • Average advance purchase
  • Online adoption
  • Hotel adoption
  • Non-exchanged tickets
  • Lowest fare accepted

Company performance is displayed graphically providing an easy analysis of your travel metrics. In addition, travel managers obtain a historical view of data trends over the past 12 months.

Performance Scorecard benefits:

  • Measure performance - meet goals, stay within budget and increase cost avoidance
  • Grade by group or individual - ability to display by groups (department/cost center) and create competition
  • Shape traveler behavior - travelers make meaningful choices knowing company goals and expectations
  • Drive savings and overall improvements for your company's travel program